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It really is great to see that the HP User Group (HPUG) has invested in this brand new web site which will allow us all to share thoughts, experience and knowledge with each other.

HPUG is a long standing User group, possibly the longest established one in the UK having already passed its 4Oth Birthday.

I am sure that there are many far more qualified than I am to give the history but in essence it embodies two former user groups, HP Apollo and what started off as Digital Equipment (DEC).

I don't know if it will prove beneficial to have the forums divided into Special Interest or other subdivisions... What do people think?

Members, remember this is YOUR site so please contribute your thoughts and ideas and see how far we can challenge our Web team and provide a valuable resource to you and your fellow members.

In the past we have had members review books provided by the publisher.

What are peoples thoughts on having a section for these and possibly for equipment/ product reviews?

Also an important element to members is ongoing personal development.
Availability of training might be useful?

I and my colleagues used to get a lot of knowledge from Birds of a Feather meetings and the like so it makes a lot of sense to publish training here.